Michael Riordan

Orcas Island physicist and writer Michael Riordan is author of the award-winning 1987 book The Hunting of the Quark and coauthor of The Solar Home Book (1977), The Shadows of Creation (1991), Crystal Fire (1997) and Tunnel Visions (2015). His articles and essays have appeared in the New York Times, Seattle Times, Scientific American, and many other publications. He serves as Editor of Orcas Currents.

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The Hunting of the Quark

A personal reminiscence about the landmark high-energy electron scattering experiments that half a century ago led to the discovery of quarks and to a deepened appreciation of the role of evidence in establishing what is true.
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Coronavirus and Community

The national coronavirus epidemic has been having serious adverse impacts on the Orcas Island community, despite the small number of cases experienced in the county, but the toxic individualism that has begun afflicting much of America during this outbreak has fortunately yet to show its ugly face hereabouts.
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