Wildfire Smoke in the San Juans

Increasing frequency and intensity of wildfires in the Pacific Northwest have led to dangerous levels of smoke in the San Juan Islands. A leading air-pollution authority discusses potential health effects, particulate measurements, and mitigation measures to reduce exposures.
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Why Trust Science?

We should trust scientific results because they are based on empirical evidence and theoretical reasoning that have withstood the critical scrutiny of a diverse community of skeptical experts.
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Another ‘Stab in the Back’ Myth?

Germany’s Weimar Republic of 1919–1933 has important lessons for U.S. democracy in the current transition from the Trump to Biden presidencies
— especially the “stab-in-the-back” myth that was promulgated by nationalist and Nazi opponents to undermine the republic’s legitimacy in the public eye.
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Have We Just Crippled Washington?

Elections usually clear the air, bring new faces to power, offer the dawn of a new day, a fresh beginning, and an opportunity for political healing — but not this year. The electorate has rendered a split and potentially crippling decision, about to be reflected in a sharply divided government.
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Coronavirus and Community

The national coronavirus epidemic has been having serious adverse impacts on the Orcas Island community, despite the small number of cases experienced in the county, but the toxic individualism that has begun afflicting much of America during this outbreak has fortunately yet to show its ugly face hereabouts.
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