Wildfire Smoke in the San Juans

Increasing frequency and intensity of wildfires in the Pacific Northwest have led to dangerous levels of smoke in the San Juan Islands. A leading air-pollution authority discusses potential health effects, particulate measurements, and mitigation measures to reduce exposures.
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Why Trust Science?

We should trust scientific results because they are based on empirical evidence and theoretical reasoning that have withstood the critical scrutiny of a diverse community of skeptical experts.
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The Hunting of the Quark

A personal reminiscence about the landmark high-energy electron scattering experiments that half a century ago led to the discovery of quarks and to a deepened appreciation of the role of evidence in establishing what is true.
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The Apocalypse Factory

An excerpt from Seattle author and Orcas Currents lecturer Steve Olson’s new book, The Apocalypse Factory: Plutonium and the Making of the Atomic Bomb, destined to become the definitive history of Hanford nuclear reservation in south-central Washington state.
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